About Us

The credit for Om Miracle (M) Sdn Bhd should be attributed to the dynamic & energetic friend of mine, who introduced this business ideas and now time to
thanks giving from my bottom of Heart and GOD BLESS him and his family, As a Director, I am committed to building an Organization with the culture, systems,
and resources to lead the response to outbreaks and the strong Marketing team comprising, who all cherish the same vision, share responsibilities equally and
work shoulder to shoulder for the growth of their dream endeavour. (Om Miracle (M) Sdn Bhd) I truly would like to express my sincere thanks and
gratitude towards all our customers and friends which they have rendered their unconditionally support towards us all these years & up coming years.
We Om Miracle (M) Sdn Bhd. is one of the well-known names in Agarbatti. We have been involved in the business of spreading fragrance throughout the
Malaysia and Singapore.

Our professionals are divided into the different team to make balance in workflow and achieving organizational coordinating work-frame. Our
unparalleled success and rich domain expertise is the result of hard-work and devotion of our team members. Our team members work in tune with each other
for attaining our primary goal of client satisfaction.

The company creates and supplies incense sticks of world class quality that are way ahead of their competitors in terms of quality, fragrance and lasting ability.
Om Miracle (M) Sdn Bhd. is the Authorised Distributor of A.S. Agarbathi. But the company is always looking to the skies and is poised for major growth
and expansion in the coming years.

Our Vision & Mission to be an industry leader and delight the consumer by fulfilling their olfactory, religious, and cultural needs.
And I want to lastly, but perhaps most importantly … thank all our Customers, Employees & Staffs with their warm and lovely green hearts. My heart will
always be as green.
Thank You.